Kartra Vs Teachable

When it comes to Kartra vs Teachable, there’s a lot to be talked about.

So without wasting any time…

Let’s get right on into the juicy details.

Kartra Vs Teachable

What I’m going to do is talk a little about both of these tools…

And then give you my thoughts on what you should go with.

So let’s start with Teachable first.


Teachable is pretty simple.

They are all about creating and selling beautiful courses online.

  • Nothing less.
  • Nothing more.

Okay fine…

Maybe a little bit more 😛

Let’s get into a few key features that come along with Teachable.

Teachable Customization

Teachable knows what they’re doing when it comes to online courses.

So much so that they give you many ways to customize the overall experience.

When it comes to Teachable you are able to use:

  • Text.
  • PDFs.
  • Audio.
  • Video.
  • Images.

And keep in mind…

Kartra allows you to utilize those formats too.

But another useful Teachable customization involves websites.

They are easy to create consider you get to leverage their drag and drop builder.

The video below will give you a good idea of what Teachable is all about:

Let’s move onto the next feature.

Learning Tools

This is pretty important when it comes to getting results for students.

A few learning tools include:

  • Quizzes.
  • Discussion forums.
  • Course completion certificates.

In fact.

Here is a closer look at the quizzes section (which can be very helpful).


Let’s look at one more Teachable feature.


Marketing might not seem like a big feature…

But it’s certainly important when it comes to getting your course out there.

Here are a few key aspects when it comes to marketing with Teachable:

  • You can utilize coupons and promotions.
  • You can sell using different types of fees and plans.
  • There’s even an affiliate program so others can promote for you.

There’s a few more but this video down below should help out in that section.

So if you plan on ONLY creating a course and marketing?

Teachable might be for you.

So that’s Teachable.

Now let’s continue on with this Teachable vs Kartra battle.


teachable vs kartra

So what is Kartra anyway?

Kartra is an online tool that helps you build and grow your online business.

Or in other words (as Kartra states)?

Your online business made easy.

Here are a few awesome features that come along with Kartra.

Done For You Campaigns

Despite the fact that this is more of a bonus it certainly needs to be talked about.

So when you test out Kartra…

You get amazing done for you campaigns who were created by Frank Kern.

Done for you is always a sexy feature, especially when you only need to:

  • Add the pricing in.
  • Add your images in.
  • And you can’t forget about your product name.

Then you are pretty much ready to rock and roll.

Here is a video that explains this specific feature a little better:

Here’s what else Kartra has to offer.

Landing Pages and Funnels

This should be pretty obvious when it comes to Kartra…

But the best part is that their drag and drop builder is one of the best around.

You can also get unlimited visitors (depending on what you choose here).

And when it comes to most of the Kartra plans?

You even get unlimited visitors to your pages.

Here is another great video from Marissa when it comes to creating landing pages:

Here’s one more big feature.

Membership Sites

This is certainly a feature that is just like what Teachable has to offer.


It might not be as spiffy as Teachable…

But it gives you pretty much everything you need for your course and membership.

When it comes to creating memberships?

You also get to utilize a drag and drop builder which is very seamless.

If you’re serious about creating courses and memberships…

Then I recommend you watch the video below when it comes to Kartra membership sites.

So there’s actually a ton more features that come along Kartra…

Features like:

  • Commerce.
  • Video hosting.
  • Reporting analytics.
  • Advanced automation.
  • Affiliate management system.
  • Email marketing autoresponder.

And the list goes on and on.

For example…

You can be creative with this software and accomplish tasks such as:

  • Product launches.
  • Utilize advanced funnels.
  • Put together eCommerce stores.
  • Integrate upsells, downsells, cross-sales, etc.
  • And a ton more.

Kartra can certainly do a ton.

So who is the best choice when it comes to battling against Teachable?

Let’s wrap up this post and find out.

Kartra Vs Teachable Summary

kartra vs teachable

Quick Kartra vs Teachable comparison. Teachable is all about creating, marketing, and selling your courses. Kartra focuses on building your entire online business thanks you landing pages, sales funnels, email automation, and even memberships for selling your courses.

So if I had to pick one tool to go with?

teachable alternative

Here is my reasoning:

  • They are an all-in-one platform…
  • Which means they come with so many more features.
  • They are overall better for building and growing your online business.

If you were hellbent on JUST creating a course and nothing else?


I still feel Kartra simply just does more overall.

And that should just about it.

I want to say thank you for checking out the battle of Teachable vs Kartra.

It was a very close battle…

But Kartra seems to slightly have the upper hand here.

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Have an awesome day!