Kartra Vs MemberPress

When you’re looking to find the best option in the battle of Kartra vs MemberPress

It’s important to keep in mind what you’re looking to accomplish.

So without any further ado?

Let’s get right on into the battle of these two so we can get the winner for you.

Kartra Vs MemberPress

kartra vs memberpress

So what I’m going to do is explain some of the best features and benefits of each…

And then at the end?

I’m going to pick a winner based upon what each tool has to offer.

Let’s get started first with MemberPress.

What Is MemberPress?

MemberPress is simply known as:

The all-in-one membership plugin for WordPress.

In other words?

MemberPress simply helps you:

  • Build membership sites.
  • Accept payments and sell memberships.
  • And of course, take control of who can and can’t see your content.

Let’s look at some of the features of this tool.

Access Rules

As talked about in the bullet points above…

This is an essential feature when it comes to membership sites.

After all.

You don’t want some random jabroni who wasn’t purchased your course to see your content.

That’s no bueno.

You can really dig deep into the specific types of rules that you’d like to use.

I’ll put a video down below that shows you exactly what I’m talking about:

Next up.

Community Forums

This is actually a pretty cool feature…

Especially if you like having a spot where you can communicate with your customers.

So rather than use a different spot (like a Facebook group)?

You can give the attention that is needed inside the forum itself.

Not too shabby right?

What Else Does MemberPress Have?

Ironically enough…

This is certainly a tool that is as simple as it comes.

If you’re looking for a ton of bells and whistles (when it comes to features)?

Then MemberPress might not be for you.

Either way.

Here are a few more features that come with MemberPress:

  • Reporting.
  • Dripping content.
  • Stability and security.
  • Easy setup (which should be standard).
  • Coupons (because they certainly help you sell more).

And a bunch more.

Either way, that is MemberPress in a nutshell.

Let’s move onto the other possible alternative.


memberpress vs kartra

So in the chance that you don’t know too much about Kartra…

They are a tool that focuses on different types of sales funnels and landing pages.

Using Kartra allows you to:

  • Create, build, and grow your online business…
  • Without hiring a team of copywriters, web developers, or designers.

And yes…

They have a membership feature (which I will get to shortly).

They also come along with a trial where you can give them a test drive.

So let’s move onto some of the nice benefits of the software.

Membership Pages


You can create any type of page you like.

But similar to MemberPress you can also create membership sites.

They are really easy to set up too.

You can see an example of the membership site section in this video below:

In a nutshell?

Kartra pretty much does (almost) everything that MemberPress does…

Expect that they do a TON more.

Landing Pages

Sales funnels and landing pages are a big part of Kartra…

But when it comes to landing pages in particular?

The sky is the limit.

  • You can create sales letters and pages.
  • You can build your list with squeeze pages.
  • You can increase your profits with upsell pages.
  • And a whole lot more like checkout pages and thank you pages.

Then there are email marketing and automation campaigns as well.

I’ll put a helpful video down below (from Jason West) if you’d like more information about that.

Here are a few more features that they have.

What Else Kartra Does

Rather than going into super detail…

I’ll put a shortlist of other features that they also have:

  • Do customers need help? There are helpdesks.
  • Do you need to schedule meetings? There are calendars.
  • Ever feel like creating complex funnels? You can certainly do that.
  • Don’t want to miss out on any traffic? All your pages are mobile optimized.
  • Do you need to sell your products, offers, or services? There are checkout pages.
  • Would you like to make a ton more sales? You can even create your very own army of affiliates.


I recommend you check out the link down below to get a better idea of what Kartra is all about.

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Now that we’ve got the features of the way…

Let’s jump to the conclusion.

Kartra Vs MemberPress Conclusion

So what is the best choice when it comes to these two tools?

Here is why Kartra is the winner:

  • They do membership pages (and they do them very well)…
  • And they offer so much more aside from the membership features.

Plus the investment isn’t too bad either.

So if you want to create membership sites while building and growing your online business?

I think you’ll truly prefer Kartra.

Also when you get started with Kartra?

That’s it!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this post…

And hopefully, it will help you make an appropriate decision.


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Best of luck!