Kartra Vs Kajabi 2021

Comparing Kartra Vs Kajabi is no simple task…

So I can see why you’d like more information about this topic.

Face it.

The tool that you use to build your online business is mega-important…

So you want to make the best possible choice when it comes to these tools.

With that being said?

Let’s begin.

Kartra Vs Kajabi 2021

In case you’d like to get the cliff notes (or you prefer watching videos)…

Here is the perfect video for you to watch if you prefer:

And when it comes to the winner:

Now let’s compare and contrast some of the features with these two choices.

Websites And Products

So when it comes to these two aspects…

It’s safe to say that Kajabi has the upper hand.

Here is what you can expect from Kajabi when it comes to websites and products:

  • Choice of your theme.
  • Your own custom URLs.
  • One login for all of your customers (which is very beneficial).

And many other features as well.

It’s not to say that Kartra can’t do any of these things…

It’s just that Kajabi is better when it comes to websites and products (in my opinion).

Down below is a demo of what the New Kajabi looks like:

Now it might sound like Kajabi is certainly the best choice (and very well could be).


There are many features of Kartra that simply overpower Kajabi.

Kartra Vs Kajabi Funnels

Kartra is all about sales funnels and is extremely powerful when you combine them with campaigns

Kajabi also has a big emphasis on building your entire online presence through sales funnels and pipelines.

In the battle of Kartra vs Kajabi, both of these software tools allow you to get your sales funnels up and running quickly.


Kartra is REALLY good at delivering when it comes to this feature.

Here is a video when it comes to Kartra and building funnels:

Next up.

High Converting Pages

Yup, both of these tools can create them.


Kartra has one of the smoothest drag and drop builders out there making it much easier to get up and running quickly.

On the other hand, Kajabi also has some of the cleanest and simplest landing pages that you can build.

Kartra also features their done for you campaigns (which were created by Frank Kern)…

  • And once again allow you to get started marketing pretty darn fast.

You can read more about the done for you campaigns and high converting pages below:

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In the meantime.

Here is a video to show you a little bit about how the landing pages work.

Here’s something that else that makes Kartra pretty unique in this battle.


While Kartra has the ability to build communities within their platform…

Kartra actually has helpdesks built right into their software.

So what does that mean for you?

  • Pretty much everything will be under one roof.
  • And you won’t need to invest in any third-party helpdesk tools.

Here’s a video where you can get more information about their helpdesks:

And let’s look at one more comparison between the two tools.

How Much Are They?

There are multiple pricing plans for each…

So let’s compare the 3 Kajabi plans to the top 3 Kartra plans.

Starting with Kajabi:

  • Basic is $149 per month.
  • Growth is $199 per month.
  • And Pro is going to be $399 per month.

Now onto Kartra:

  • Starter is $99 per month.
  • Silver is $199 per month.
  • And Gold is going to be $299 per month.

Kartra also comes with a few higher plans…

So you can check out the article down below if you’d like more information:

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Or feel free to watch the video:

All in all?

Kartra is going to be a little cheaper (depending on which plan you get).

I understand that’s not a big deal for everyone…

But for some people it is.

So let’s see who my recommended choice is.

Kajabi Vs Kartra Conclusion

kartra vs kajabi

When it comes to Kartra vs Kajabi, here are our thoughts. Kartra is much stronger than Kajabi when it comes to sales funnels and email marketing (and automation). However, Kajabi is amazing when it comes to marketing and hosting online courses.

In a nutshell?

Here is what I like about Kajabi:

  • Helpful for websites and blogging (although I recommend WordPress).
  • They are simple, spiffy, and clean when it comes to products and memberships.

And when it comes to Kartra:

  • They are slightly more price friendly.
  • One of the most user-friendly drag and drop builders.
  • They allow you to get up and running quicker (eliminating a lot of the learning curve).
  • And of course, they have many advanced automation and marketing features under one roof.

With that being said?

My overall recommendation for building an online business would go to:

The cool thing is that they also come with a 2 week trial for only one dollar.

And that should do it.

I hope I helped out when it comes to picking Kartra vs Kajabi…

And regardless of which tool you go with?

I truly hope that it helps you out the most.

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