Kartra Vs Infusionsoft | What’s The Best Choice?

If you’ve been trying to find the perfect software for your online business…

Then you’ll it can be quite the challenging process.

But before you begin…

There are a few things you should know before you get started with new software.

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So let’s get started, shall we?

Kartra Vs Infusionsoft

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Infusionsoft Features And Benefits

kartra vs infusionsoft

Let’s start off by going over what’s great about Infusionsoft…

And then I will do the same for Kartra.

Just so you can get a great idea of what both software has to offer.

Infusionsoft CRM

There’s no doubt about it.

When it comes to a customer relationship manager?

Infusionsoft is one of the best.

This is important because once you get bigger with your online business…

You’re going to need something to help you scale (so you can keep up).

Here is a great video from Infusionsoft about having a customer relationship manager.

Next great benefit.

Infusionsoft Pipeline

This is what I like to refer to like music to many marketer’s ears:

  • Automation.

And how can this help exactly?

  • You can enjoy a repeatable scalable system…
  • That allows you to free up your time to better help customers and clients.

Pretty cool right?

Here is a video that gives you a deeper insight to what goes on there:

Alright, let’s look at one more solid Infusionsoft feature.

Infusionsoft Marketing Automation

Once again (because it’s so popular)…

We have the ability to set more tasks on autopilot.

And when it comes to this feature?

  • You can follow up with the customers and clients who purchase from you.

And that can certainly save you a lot of time.

Down below is a demo of task automation:

So now that you’ve seen a few features of Infusionsoft…

Let’s move onto the other software.

The Good About Kartra

Despite the fact, Kartra is a much newer online tool…

It still has many great things going on for it.

Here are a few great features.

Done For You Campaigns

Despite the fact, this is more of a bonus…

It’s something you don’t see very often (and very helpful).

What comes with a Kartra trial is also these done for you campaigns created by Frank Kern.

All you have to do is add in your:

  • Names.
  • Images.
  • And pricing.

And you’ll be ready to launch.

This allows you to get up and running really quickly (which is a huge benefit).

Here is a video with more information about that:

Onto the next cool feature.

Funnels And Campaigns

You could consider this very similar to what Infusionsoft has…

And this allows you to put your marketing and sales machine on complete autopilot.

Here is an overview video about how this works:

Alright, let’s look at one more feature.

Membership Sites

This is a feature that really stuck out because of just how simple it was…

Thanks to the drag and drop builder.

Membership sites allow you to:

  • Create membership courses.
  • Have a new source of passive income.
  • Gate off content so only your customers get it.
  • Drip specific content so that there’s no information overload.

And many more features.

Once again.

Here is a video to help you out with this feature:

Once again…

There are many more features than what I showed above (these just happened to stand out).

Let’s move onto the ending of the post now.

Infusionsoft Vs Kartra

So who would be the best option?

It’s actually a tough choice (and more dependent on where you are in your business).

With that being said…

Kartra is also the much simpler option which allows you to get up and running quicker.

With the fact that it can be a little bit more price-friendly?

I’m going to have to pick Kartra as our overall recommendation.

Or you can click the long banner down below to get taken to the same page.

And that should do it.

Thank you for stopping by to read this post and regardless of which tool you go with?

I truly hope that it helps you out tremendously.

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